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Hands down, the best oil & gas intelligence tool on the market!
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A Custom Suite of Data Intelligence, Research & Analytics Solutions

NavPort combines richly detailed, unique data about North American unconventional well activity with a powerful web-based analytics interface, enabling customers to perform their own analysis and build their own models.   Not monthly or quarterly – daily.

In the revolution American drillers have sparked with new methods of pulling hydrocarbons from shale, customers use NavPort’s data and platform to:

• Build sales plans
• Create market and product comparisons
• Evaluate competitor performance
• Identify well completion and production trends
• Predict basin activity
• Find opportunities

Now, with a powerful new analytics platform — NavPort Analytics™ — customers get data intelligence, reports and views customized and packaged precisely for their business needs and teams.  NavPort Analytics™ delivers data insights that are accessible and actionable daily.

Unlock New Efficiencies with the Power of Data

Regardless of where you fit in the unconventional well life cycle, NavPort can help you.

Owners and Operators

See what other operators are doing to be more successful. If you can’t say how your proppant intensity compares to the other operators in your basin, you need NavPort. more detail

Well Service Providers

Perform unbiased completion and production analysis and so much more.  If you can’t say which fracking methods are working best for you at different vertical depths, you need NavPort. more detail

Proppant and Additive Suppliers

Build targeted sales plans and perform product analysis. If you don’t know your market share by basin, you need NavPort. more detail

Transportation and Transloaders

Understand logistics trends so you can plan better.  If you don’t know how much sand is being used near your facility, you need NavPort. more detail

Investment Professionals

Create your own models and get away from the pack.  If you rely on the same weekly rig count or quarterly Proppant report as everyone else, you need NavPort. more detail

Other Oilfileld Services

Get comprehensive business data that enables you to visualize industry trends and geographic opportunities. If your sales and planning processes isn’t informed by  relevant, up-to-date well field intelligence, you need NavPort. more detail

The NavPort  Difference Makers

The Customer-NavPort partnership always centers on one principle: What can we do for you?  We’re an accessible and energetic company that is driven to help our customers succeed.  Clients can count on a highly responsive collaboration that provides three key advantages:

Our Data is the Best
You get the most complete O&G data package available today with NavPort. Our Completion, Production and Permit data sources are exhaustive, and are augmented by industry expertise of our analyst team.  We can promise that you’ll have unbiased, fact-based conclusions that you can use to make better decisions.

Look to NavPort to provide more than just a second opinion.  Our data ties together multiple sources under the same well, and is then augmented by our know-how to provide even more value.

Our User Interface is Designed for You
“It’s freakin’ awesome!”  (that’s an actual quote from a user of the NavPort Analytics™ platform.)   You can use this platform for all of your analytics needs, and create custom data intelligence reports, views and packages.  And, whenever you need us, we offer you…

A Support Program That Delights
When you become a NavPort client, we start with a deep dive into your current needs and reporting so we can create the right framework for your success.  An extensive onboarding and training program helps you maximize your investment in data analytics.  Whenever you require support, we provide same day response and can work around your schedule.